2019-10-26 Michael ZucchiBump to JDK 13 master
2019-10-26 Michael ZucchiRemove .classes from jni .o
2019-10-19 Michael ZucchiRenamed config.make to config.make.in so it isn't check...
2019-08-02 Michael ZucchiTweaks to java.make.
2019-04-23 Michael ZucchiSwitch trunk to pre 1.1 dev
2019-04-23 Michael ZucchiBump for 1.0 release, nativez-1.0 zcl-1.0
2019-04-22 Michael ZucchiUpdate the README.
2019-04-22 Michael ZucchiUpdate java lookups to use new nativez mechanism.
2019-04-22 Michael ZucchiInitial load of pre 2.0 modularised zcl.