2022-05-09 Not ZedRemove some internal dumps. master
2022-05-09 Not ZedGenerate set-field(all-fields) setters for selected...
2022-05-08 Not ZedNow includes aliases for constants. Fixes some issues...
2022-05-08 Not ZedTry to auto-detect some simple-type query functions.
2022-05-08 Not ZedRemove implied length handling
2022-05-08 Not ZedAdded facility for expanding inline simple types in...
2022-05-08 Not ZedAdd missing maven download make fragment.
2022-05-07 Not ZedAdd abstracted display module.
2022-04-29 Not ZedChanged sType init logic and implement it for arrays.
2022-04-28 Not ZedAdded graphics vulkan demo.
2022-04-27 Not ZedSuppress some debug outputs.
2022-04-27 Not ZedAdd upcall support for notzed.vulkan.
2022-04-27 Not ZedMakefile fixes for native targets.
2022-04-26 Not ZedYet another attempt at a vulkan binding generator.
2022-04-26 Not ZedSome work on the header version of vulkan binding.
2022-04-05 Not ZedFlesh out vkheader implementation, uses registry and...
2022-03-26 Not ZedAdded vulkan cube demo.
2022-03-23 Not ZedInitial work on vulkan binding from header files.
2022-03-23 Not ZedSyntax change for 'include x' -> '%include x;'
2022-02-07 Not ZedAdd dependency generation for .api files
2022-02-06 Not ZedRemove some old experiments.
2022-02-06 Not ZedClean up some stale comments.
2022-02-06 Not ZedMoved to modular java build system.
2022-02-01 Not ZedPartial move to new generator.
2022-01-31 Not ZedSmall fixes
2022-01-31 Not ZedAdd temporary support for new config format.
2022-01-31 Not ZedSome fixes for function argument names.
2022-01-05 Not ZedAdd pattern matching for object type fallbacks
2022-01-04 Not ZedPattern matching and defaults for structs
2021-12-22 Not ZedUpdated for openjdk-19-internal
2021-12-20 Not ZedExtract more symbolic information from the tree.
2021-11-24 Not Zedadd api generator script
2020-01-08 Not ZedTesting callbacks and so on.
2020-01-08 Not ZedOutput enum definitions.
2020-01-06 Not ZedMinor fixes and editing.
2020-01-06 Not Zedpanama tools and demos