2020-05-09 Not ZedAllow for static initialisation. master
2020-05-09 Not ZedMade the interface a bit more sane.
2019-05-03 Not ZedA more sane way of writing sub-int32 arrays, even if...
2019-05-02 Not ZedRedid the way struct fields are described to allow...
2019-05-02 Not ZedSupport 64-bit sequence lengths with some bit fiddling.
2019-05-01 Not ZedMore blob test cases.
2019-05-01 Not ZedAdded XDR-native (de)serialiaser.
2019-04-29 Michael ZucchiAdded a LIST type to the blob descriptor.
2019-04-29 Michael Zucchiinitial libeze-2.0 import libeze-2.0