2019-10-26 Michael ZucchiBump to JDK 13 master
2019-10-26 Michael ZucchiRemove .classes from jni .o deps to avoid uncessary...
2019-10-21 Michael ZucchiMostly documentation updates.
2019-10-21 Michael ZucchiFixes for seeking.
2019-10-19 Michael ZucchiOnly reference AVIOContext for getIOContext().
2019-10-19 Michael ZucchiUpdate README for changed file locations.
2019-10-19 Michael ZucchiAdded auto variable for nativez-gen .def files.
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiAdd FrameSideData api missing files.
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiMerge commit '554f93f'
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiIgnore config.make
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiRemove config.make from being checked in, config.make...
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiDon't offset the timestamp by the video start.
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiAdd FrameSideData api.
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiDon't offset the timestamp by the video start.
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiFix netbeans fucking around
2019-10-16 Michael ZucchiAdd FrameSideData api.
2019-08-02 Michael ZucchiTweaks to java.make for easier module path use.
2019-07-25 Michael ZucchiAdd missing Type accessor.
2019-07-16 Michael ZucchiFix non-dlsym resolution.
2019-07-13 Michael ZucchiFixed a bunch of license paste-os.
2019-07-13 Michael ZucchiAdded an octave interface for reading multi-stream...
2019-06-24 Michael ZucchiAdd explicit release for FrameReader/FrameWriter.
2019-05-14 Michael ZucchiUse a better method for handling callback references...
2019-05-12 Michael Zucchijavadoc fixes.
2019-05-12 Michael ZucchiVideoPlay demo enhancements
2019-04-23 Michael ZucchiSwitch trunk to pre 4.1 development
2019-04-23 Michael ZucchiBump for 4.0 release and nativez-1.0 jjmpeg-4.0
2019-04-23 Michael ZucchiAdd missing TODO to dist.
2019-04-22 Michael ZucchiMove generator to nativez-gen.
2019-04-22 Michael ZucchiInitial new modular pre-4.0 commit.