This site hosts public repositories of the Free Software projects I work on. They are mostly covered by the GNU General Public License 3 but some are GNU Affero General Public License or BSD 3-Clause.

As a background these projects are a combination of my life-long hobby in software hacking (a bit of a semi-abusive love/hate relationship) and a couple of decades+ as a professional Software Engineer.

Projects I have worked on cover a broad spectrum from the world wide web to desktop applications. I mostly write C and Java, and exclusively using a GNU development platform, but many of the applications are platform agnostic or can be cross compiled. I have particular interests in API and GUI design, performance and stability, and in general getting more done with fewer lines of code and in less time.

This site's style is an attempt at a Commodore 64 `look'. Some of it is a little ugly so i'm still playing with it. css seems about as buggy as everything else on the internet.

blogz repository A dumb C blog engine that runs
Delta-Z repository 2.0 Java Docs A compact binary delta library for Java (like VCDIFF)
libeze repository A static link library of C utilities.
NativeZ repository JNI binding system
jjmpeg repository FFmpeg binding for Java
zcl repository OpenCL binding for Java